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12-Apr-02 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Crockery Ware
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: CROCKERY WARE (from Hammond-Gardiner
I posted this to another thread and then released I had breached etiquette both both hiding the song so people couldn't find it easily and by creeping that there thread. As punishement I have had to type all the blumming line breaks again

The Crockery Ware - from Marrowbones (Hammond and Gardiner Manuscripts)
Gardiner H.240/H.605. Isaac Hobbes, Micheldever Hants, May 1906


In Mansfield town there lived a spark
He courted a girl both gay and smart
He asked of her one favour right
If he could sleep with her that night

To my right-fol-lol-lol-lol-liddle-lol-the-day

Now this young girl she did contrive
How to fix a joke that night
So on the landing placed a chair
And on it place the crockery ware

This young man rose in the middle of the night
Thinking to find his hearts delight
He banged his shins against the chair
And upset the old woman's crockery ware

The old woman arose in a terrible fright
And loudly she did call for a light
Says she "Young man, how came you here
Capsizing of my crockery ware?"

Miss Betsy lay in the very next room
A-laughing at the game going on
Says she "Young man.I do declare
You must pay my mother for the crockery ware"

The bobby was sent for without delay
The money down I had to pay
I paid three shillings, I do declare
To buy the old woman some crockery ware

Come all you wild and rambling sparks
That loves to ramble in the dark
Don't bang your shins against a chair
Or upset the old woman's crockery ware

Here's the ABC. I don't know if I've put breaks in all the required places, so could some expert clean it up if necessary?

T:Crockery Ware
I:Gardiner H.240/H.605. Isaac Hobbes, Micheldever Hants, May 1906
A3/2E/ |FD D/E/F EC C3/2C/ |FF/F/ F/G/A AG G3/2G/ |AA/B/ cA/G/ FD D3/2D/ | BA GF EG cA/G/ |FD/D/ DF/F/ DC C2 |FF/F/ Gc/B/ AG F2 |]