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Posted By: Jeri
14-Apr-02 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: Songwriting 101
Subject: RE: Songwriting 101
Poor Aine!!!
I understand why she did the humorous song challenges. (I think.) I also remember the serious one that went pooft. I've enjoyed them and hope she can continue when she stops having crap fall out of the sky at her. Humor is a lot more universal than other subjects and there's a lot less likelihood of us getting into the debates/flame wars/pissing contests we'd get into with more serious subjects.

Thanks for your comments on the song and my ability, kat. My main concern is the things I can't see because they're right in front of me. No one should preefroad their own work because the errors will look just as correct as they did when first typed. I can miss really stupid things in songs because the line or whatever looked right when I wrote it.

As far as the workshop goes, I was hoping for people more experienced than I am. I post mine here and occasionally sing them for one or two people. There's only one I've ever managed to sing for a group, and I haven't sung that one since the Getaway last Oct.