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Thread Name: BS: Remembering the Titanic
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Spaw: And the one I work for ain't gonna be the first to try it!!!

The "NO POPE" legend explored further here (click on these links):
Excerpt: "Part of the Titanic's tale also is intertwined with the troubled history of Northern Ireland and the deep sectarian divide between Protestants and Catholics. Catholic shipyard workers, the target of Protestant attacks, believed the ship sank because it carried hidden anti-Catholic messages. They claimed the ship bore the number 3909 ON, which when reversed says 'No Pope.' "
Excerpt: "...when the ship sailed out of Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, it was festooned with anti-Catholic graffitti and its ship's number represented the words 'No Pope'. It was a story I had heard as a child. Is it an urban myth that the number of the Titanic was 3909 ON, which, when reflected in the icy ocean, read NO POPE?"

Catholic PewPoint article here:
Excerpt: "Today the all-time blockbuster movie 'Titanic' is released on videotape and is expected to double its box-office take via the VCR route. We bring this up because of the tenuous situation in Northern Ireland today and the climate back in 1912 when the Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland. Few know of the religious percussions tied in with that ill-fated ocean liner that plummeted to the icy depths of the Northern Atlantic.... The ill-fated ship is closely aligned with the troubled history in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics. There have been many, many Catholics who foretold of Titanic's fate because of what Protestants had clandestinely done during the building of that magnificent ship. These accounts came from Catholic shipyard workers who were persecuted by Protestant radicals and threatened if they told, but it has been documented that the Protestant workers had secretly embedded a number in many areas of the massive ship that was anti-Catholic to the core. The number was 3909 ON which backwards spells out 'NO POPE' and was imprinted in many staterooms as well, strategically placed where mirrors would reflect the subliminal message. In addition, though it cannot be confirmed one of the painters even brushed the words on the lower part of the hull: 'Let God sink this vessel if He can' – then painted over it. There are other reports that similar messages, some by Freemasons, were plentiful on the first layer of the hull before the second and third coats were applied.... The sinking of the Titanic will forever be a dark moment for Protestants of Northern Ireland. In fact, the Titanic became forever synonymous with the Protestant 'Orangemen' who, after the sinking, became ever more superstitious, carrying symbols of the ship on their banners. Nine years after it sunk, Ireland gained its independence from Britain but the Protestants weren't going to go down without a fight. A Protestant rabble-rouser from Dublin Sir Edward Carson vowed to recruit between 75,000 to 100,000 armed militia to fight to keep Ireland under British control after the declaration of Independence. In fact, nearly half a million Protestants signed a covenant in which they swore to defy the new Irish rule, many signing in blood!.... The parallels with Titanic go even deeper, if you'll pardon the metaphor, for the day before the Titanic sailed on its maiden and only voyage, the Home Rule bill that would lead to Ireland's independence was introduced in the House of Parliament in London.... There were other omens. Two construction workers died in freak accidents at the shipyards while the Titanic was being built. Their ghosts were said to haunt the rest of the workers for seventeen more died of strange 'accidents' before the ocean-liner left the shipyards. Media and shipping magnates downplayed this at the time while touting the invincibility of this master ship that was 'unsinkable.' When it did sink it shook a world who had been programmed to believe the press clippings that it was invincible, and it caused many to lose faith in technology and challenged their faith in mankind.... the faithful saw the sinking of the Titanic as a sign from God."