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Posted By: CapriUni
17-Apr-02 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting 101
Subject: RE: Songwriting 101
Jeri, you wrote:

Peter Pan gave up the idea of remaining young forever. He might have grown up (and doesn't look one bit like Robin Williams) and now can't walk. Didn't he tell people to crow, and they'd be able to fly? Maybe now he sings, maybe he just dreams he can crow, or maybe he just loves someone or something, and he can still fly, although maybe he didn't realise that for a while. Your "pet peeve" about flights of fancy would fit in there just fine.

Interesting idea. In my dream, when the person called out: "Look! It's Peter Pan!" I understood that to be a nickname for myself -- that I was a living embodiment of Peter-Pan-ness ... in many ways, I haven't "Grown-up", either -- grown deeper, perhaps, or grown more complex (or confused ;-)), but not grown-up (ever notice that "grown-up" is in the past tense? Who would want that?).

But I like your idea of continuing the story of the character of Peter Pan, and writing the song as a ballad, though in telling the story, you'd probably have to tell what drove him out of Never-Never Land...

Maybe I'd better shut up before I start trying to write YOUR song, if I haven't already talked too much. I think it's a great line.

I don't think there's any danger of that. Even if we both start with the exact same central line, any song the two of us wrote would be completely different, simply because our experiences and aesthetic sense are different. Just look at the wide variety of songs that Aine's Song Challenges produce -- and each batch is inspired by the same event...

If you want to play around with the line, go right ahead. It came to me in a dream, but maybe the dream was only passing through my brain on the way to somewhere else.... Such as the Mudcat, perhaps ;-)