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Posted By: Wolfgang
17-Apr-02 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Napster. folk tradition or theft?
Subject: RE: Napster. folk tradition or theft?
I've read a couple of old threads coming up in a search for 'Napster'. Below are three citations from old threads I have found interesting for different reasons. My opinion: If (even good) artists can't live from what they do, it will be our common loss.


Somehow I can't see General Motors having someone give replicas of their cars away................. (Catspaw)

If one is hungry and one steals a loaf of bread... what then? Is that immoral?

But it is illegal... and you can be put in prison for it.

It is wrong to punish someone for a basic human need.

I also consider art to be a basic human need, particularly if you are poor in money. Art can keep you going when nothing else can. Art can lift you out of depression. Art is the inspiration that makes me determined to get healthy, so that I can make money someday. Should I just lay down and die because neither the goverment or the social support systems are willing to recognize my disability and help me? (hesperis)

It costs me, and other collector/producers like me, real money to make our artists' music available to those who enjoy it. If we sell one CD and five copies of it are given away to friends by the purchaser, we are deprived of the profit from the additional sales. Simply put, that means we won't be able to make any new CDs. Of course, like the farmer, we might win the lottery. Then we could just keep on doing what we're doing until the money runs out. If you can think of some way for us to produce new CDs (and also eat, pay the light bill, upgrade our equipment, heat the house, etc.) without any money, please let me know.

I've read that some 14 million people download free music through Napster regularly, while fewer than 2 million download music for which they pay a nominal sum to the producer. I realize that the kind of music we offer is not going to be in great demand on the 'net, but, with us, every individual CD sale helps. (Sandy Paton)