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Posted By: nutty
17-Apr-02 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: ADD/Origins: The Rout of the Blues
Subject: ADD Version: Success to the Blues
This Bodlean Broadside (pre 1840) is probably a little more original than the Dransfield version



As I was going down Rosemary hill,
A most beautiful sight I beheld,
Of the pretty girls crying and wringing their hands,
Saying the rout has come for the Blues.

Now the daughter unto her old mother did say,
My heart’s filled with love for the Blues,
I'll pack up my clothes I’ll make no delay,
And I'll travel the world with the Blues.

The landlord and landlady walk’d arm in arm,
And so does the young women too,
You would have laugh’d to see them go round,
To take their farewell of the Blues.

He is as clever a young fellow as ever you see,
When dress’d in his Majesty’s clothes,
You may search England o’er and Scotland all through.
And there’s none can compare with the Blues.

Our ship she is waiting and we must away.
Drink success to brave George and his Blues,
Then give three huzza’s success to king George
Success to king George and his Blues