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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Apr-02 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: OBIT: RIP John Hartford
I've been reading tributes to John Hartford (Marc O'Conner, the great fiddler, wrote a moving letter), and the importance of his loss to the folksong community will be profound. We just don't have many real stars who sing traditional music. Joan Baez hasn't sung a real folksong since she dropped Fred Hellerman. Outside of Theo Bikel, I think we're tapped.

I really liked John's music, his style and his flair.

I don't tour nowadays, so I only saw John when he played at the Philadelphia Festival, which was whenever he was available. We often jammed with the Progressive Bluegrassers for Roger Sprung's birthday bashes at the motel.

John Hartford was a successful and a happy man. He got to live his dream. He leaves behind, a gentleness of mind.

MM for PFS