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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Apr-02 - 07:50 PM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: Review: So's Your Mom
So's Your Mom, folky Philly's favorite bar band, has cut a new CD which, as of this date, is a message without a moniker. I assume that before its release the band will have an appropriate title for their latest offering.

In the nonce, I can report that the recording is slick, the production impressive, and the selection confusing. So's Your Mom has made their reputation as an Irish band. Their sound has been the power of Brian's brogue and the magic omnipresence of Jack's rolling guitar. They are the essence of modern Irish-American musical expression. I have been an appreciative audience for their brand of alcoholic mayhem.

The new CD is a radical departure for the boys. Gone are the ghosts of Dublin and, in their stead, we are given a collection of recently-written material from a range of sources. The singing is as fine as before, finer because of increased participation in the vocals by Vince Brennan, a man who could make Rosanne sound good. (I am prejudiced toward Mr. Brennan because he is my long-lost brother, and he even makes my singing sound pretty.) It should be noted that a few dance tunes are included to take advantage of the session band that plays backup on the more sprightly singer/songwriter selections.

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