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Posted By: Jeri
17-Apr-02 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: Songwriting 101
Subject: RE: Songwriting 101
OK - I keep threatening to do this.

More background than you want:
I started writing this after the Getaway last Oct. I started thinking how much I enjoyed being around people who were truly in love with someone or something. That love spills over into everything they do. Certain people made me realise this, but I guess I've always known it, and I've always known folks like this. This is sort of a thank you.

Please feel free to critique here or by PM. (Should I have started a separate thread?) No tune yet, but I hope the rhythm will be clear. Thanks.


I'm always on the outside looking in
I'm always looking anywhere but where I am
Backward to a time long gone or forward to a dream
Alone, out on the edges where I stand

There are those who live their lives in the center of the flame
They're never far away from heat and light
Though mighty in its passion, it's love, all the same
And love, it is a beacon when a life burns so bright

Some are no less passionate, but sing a quieter song
Their love is at the heart of who they are
The light burns though the darkest times, ever steady, strong
They navigate their lives, with love their guiding star

Your love is a light, drawing moth to flame-
It's a siren's call, far away, but strong.
One stands apart, on hushed and shadowed path,
And yearns to join the vision or the song.

And never mind the song is one not meant for me to hear
Never mind if you don't even know I listen
I stand in silence, and to me, it's wondrous and clear
On these edges, even shadows dance and glisten

Out here on the edges, almost out of sight.
I hear the joyous song, I feel the call
If it were not for your love that shows my heart the way back home
There are times I'd never find my way at all