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Posted By: GUEST,jonesey
18-Apr-02 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: Help: What is this guitar technique CALLED ??
Subject: RE: Help: What is this guitar technique CALLED ??
It's called 'double stops'. Different from what fiddle players refer to as 'double stops'. I use this technique mostly for fills and embellishments 'against' the melody. Usually, there's a space at the end of verses or choruses where you can get in a little 2 or 4 bar 'turnaround'. Or if there's a natural melodic 'pause' in the middle of a verse or chorus you can add these. Don't go too crazy as you'll commit the 'sideman's' unpardonable sin of being considered 'busy'. lol Anyway, sorry to digress, but that's the term I learned years ago. It may be called something else depending on your region...