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Posted By: CapriUni
20-Apr-02 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: Songwriting 101
Subject: RE: Songwriting 101
Night Owl --

I wasn't thinking of taking the discussion (of general priciples, ect.) private, just specific songs... But maybe it's time to start that "Workshop" thread, where specific songs can be posted and critiqued.

You up for it, Jeri?

Are we fairly sure it won't turn into trollbait?

Warning: Thread Drift Zone Ahead>

Though having said that, I think it's time for a confession: I have a secret alter-ego. I am a Pro-fun Troll, and as such, a golden fire extinguisher is part of my basic equipment (along with a kazzoo, paper birthday hat, and a blow tickler party horn)

The Mission Statement of the Pro-Fun Trolls: To slurp bandwidth with thoughtful posts, praising what we enjoy before criticizing what we don't, enticing lurkers into the sunlight, and hosting the occasional hoedown.

Of course, like all trolls, our goal is to take over cyber-space. In our case, though, our tactic is to spread so much kindness and laughter that the nasty trolls won't have room to gnash their teeth ;-).

On Mudcat, I nominate Áine to be our Pro-Fun Troll brigade captain.

End Thread Drift Zone