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Posted By: Bruce O.
09-Apr-99 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Siul a Ruin
Subject: Lyr Add: PUTNAM'S HILL
Here's a rather distinctive version of "Putnam's Hill", text D, from Mary Eddy's 'Ballads and Song from Ohio', 1939:

My true love has gone to France,
Seeking his fortune to advance,
An if he returns it will be but a chance,
Suck-a-gill to a way-yan slon-yan.

Shul-e, shul-e, shul-a make a rule,
And a shula in grass, and a shula cook-a you,
And a grass in a won, oh dill, oh la done,
Suck-a-gill to a wan-yan slon-yan.

My old daddy was very cross,
He neither allowed me a cow or a hoss,
Be it for the beter, or for the wuss,
Suck-a-gill to a way-yan slon-yan.

My old mother was a very fine man,
She used to ride the darby ram,
He sent her whizzin' down the hill,
And if she ain't got up, she lays there still.