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Posted By: Martin Graebe
21-Apr-02 - 06:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Canary Has Circles under His Eyes
Hmm, I sense the folk process at work

I am struggling to remember but the dreaded Exmouth connection remains strong here. Back in 1970ish the Lighthousemen, led by Chris Harris, featured this song in their repertoire. I joined that group a few months after their appearance on 'Opportunity Knocks' and in time for a memorable gig on 'Magpie'.

The Lighthousemen were residents at the Exmouth club when it was at the Deer Leap on Exmouth seafront and ran twice a week in the summer to entertain visitors and, particularly, the Scandinavian language students. Paul Downes, Phil Beer, and Steve Knightley were regular visitors as teenagers.

When Chris Harris left for Bristol and became Chris Hayter, Cherri and I, together with Barry Lister, took the club on. When the room at the Deer Leap became a restaurant (sounds a familiar story, huh?) we moved to another pub in Exmouth and then to Newton Poppleford where the club became Newton Popplefolk for a few years before folding. A new Exmouth club was born in the 80s.

The canary song was sung by Nigel Carter and my memory of the lyrics as sung by him were as follows:

Since making whoopee has come all the rage,
It's even spread into the old birdcage.
My canary's got circles under his eyes.

He used to whistle The Prisoner's Song.
Now he does snakehips all day long.
My canary's got circles under his eyes.

He use to be satisfied to flit among the flowers.
But now, when I let him out, sits on his perch for hours.
He just keeps singing that vodeodo.
He must have heard it on the radio.
My canary's got circles under his eyes.

He ain’t got no girlfriend. That I'm certain of.
But he keeps singing, “What’s this thing called love?”
My canary's got circles under his eyes.

He should be taking a much-needed rest,
But he keeps flying to that old sparrow's nest.
My canary's got circles under his eyes.

I wonder if he's in a jam. He always looks so solemn.
I'd help him if I can. I'd write to Proops's column.
Won't eat his birdseed. It's really a sin.
Won't even sing without a slug of gin.
My canary's got circles under his eyes. Oh, yeah.
My canary’s got circles under his eyes

Now that brings back a few memories - thanks for jogging them