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Posted By: catspaw49
22-Apr-02 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: Help: Getting used to my autoharp
Subject: RE: Help: Getting used to my autoharp
Hi Barb!!! How are you anyway??? Glad to hear about the new 'harp and like Bill, I'd like more info!

A couple of suggestions on the cross arm style. I'm a reasonably big guy but I don't like holding the thing either so don't think it's just you. You can use both hands more effectively if the harp is supported in a comfortable playing position and this can involve a bit of help from someone else in placing strap buttons. Trying to get the best balance and position for you is the thing. I also use a 3" strap to distibute the weight better. The lower pin is on the very bottom of the harp about two inches in from the side and the upper is just down a bit from where the angle starts. I found that for me, these two locations and a properly adjusted 3" strap allowed the autoharp to hang in a natural position that required no hand/arm pressure from me! You mileage may gets a bit "selective" and where you want it is a bit up to you too. I like the thing a bit higher up than some. Don suggested, there are several stles of harness/strap available and they can again really unload the weight from you. Remember though that no matter which route you go, you need to be sure the autoharp hangs pretty much by itself in a playing position. Here is one form of the harness/strap.........Click Here and you can adjust it several ways and allow the weight distribution over your back.

Tell us more about your new one!!!!