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Posted By: Sandy Paton
10-Apr-99 - 12:50 AM
Thread Name: How do I copyright a song
Subject: RE: How do I copyright a song
Gee whiz, guys, this ain't really my department. We've done the official thing with copyright forms obtained from the Copyright Office in Washington, written lead sheets, etc., but not lately, so I don't even know what it might cost now. I've always relied on someone else to handle that end of things. Shoot, if the business end of it were left up to me, we'd have given up the ghost years ago. I don't do any of that stuff!

Yesterday, "number one son" sent himself a registered letter containing lead sheets of several original tunes he has just recorded with his group ("All Hands Around"). We have a pretty small and friendly post office here in Sharon, so the gal stamped it, registered it, took his money, and delivered it to him all at the same time. We've been told that it's an acceptable way of establishing possession. I hope that's true.

Aren't there any lawyers among us?