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Posted By: katlaughing
23-Apr-02 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: Tab. needed for 'Shake Sugaree' please!
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: SHAKE SUGAREE (Elizabeth Cotten)
Only in that "moot" and "moontime" kinda rhyme!*bg*

Thanks for the info, FineArt! Much appreciated and always fun to hear where you got your songs.

Thanks for the congrats and the reminder...I'm doing my best to not break out like a pup set loose and breathing, ah, yes, everyone's been reminding me it is necessary for survival!:-)

Okay..I did some more digging around on google. Saw that Dylan did this song, too, on a bootleg tape,'s the tabs and some additional lyrics from one of the sites with his stuff. Hope this helps:

Written by Elizabeth Cotten
Performed live by Bob Dylan 7 times in 1996 and 1997
Tabbed by Eyolf Ă˜strem


E                                 E7
I got a secret, and I ain't gonna tell
A                                  E
I'm going to Heaven in a split pea shell
A                      E         A
Oh Lordy me, didn't we shake sugaree
E            B       A       E
Everything I have is down in pawn.
I pawned my watch, and I pawned my chain
I even tried to sell myself, but I got down so ashamed
I've got a song to sing, and it's not very long
I'm gonna sing it right, if it takes me all night long.
I got a secret, and I ain't gonna tell
I'm going to Heaven in a split pea shell.


Different version (Cotten's own?) with additional verses not sung by Dylan
I have a little song, won't take long
Sing it right, once or twice
Oh lord oh me, didn't I shake sugaree
Everythiny I got is done in pawn (2x)

I pawned my watch, pawned my chain
Pawned everything that was in my name

I pawned my buggy, house and cot
Pawned everything that was on my lot

I pawned my chair, I pawned my bed
Don't have nowhere to lay my head

I have a little secret I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven in a ground pea shell

I pawned my house, I've pawned my home
Pawned everything that I own

I pawned my tobacco, I pawned my pipe
Pawned everything that was in my sight

I know something, I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven and I ain't goin' to ...

I pawned my hat, I pawned my shoes
Pawned everything that I could use

I chew my tobacco, spit my juice
I would raise cain but it ain't no use