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Posted By: Zhenya
23-Apr-02 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Brockie Lads (Jez Lowe)
Subject: Two questions re Jez Lowe
I just got a CD of Jez Lowe's album Two a Roue. Although I've heard a few of his songs done by others, this is the first album of his I've gotten. I have two questions for Mudcatters:

First, does anyone have chords for the song "Brockie Lads." I tried it a bit on the guitar last night and I have a feeling it's not too difficult, but since I just got the album, the song hasn't sunk in enough for me to get all the chords by ear. Probably I could wait awhile until I really have it in my head, but it's one of those "love at first hearing" songs that I want to learn right away. So if anyone else likes this song and has worked this out already, I'd appreciate your help.

I'm also wondering, since I really like this album, which other Jez Lowe recordings people would recommend? I suspect I like this one partly because the music has a very Celtic flavor to it, although I'm taken with the lyrics as well. What are his other albums like? Thanks for any info! Zhenya