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Posted By: greg stephens
23-Apr-02 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Celebrate Mayday!
Subject: RE: Celebrate Mayday!
Well what we do in England on the night before is to have a bit of a do in the pub, head for the woods,have a bit of a bonfire and a few jars,sing some songs, find a quiet spot (some serious pagans dont bother with a quiet spot) and do the ancient ritual to ensure good crops for the coming (sic) year, have a few more jars,head back for town and then: well ifyouve go any energy left you process around with whatever combination of morris dancing/trade union banner carrying suits you. personally, I feel the occasion is all the better for both. It's us against them, life against death, growth against decay, fun against constraints, relaxes against braces, music against silence, I cant say I do it every year, but I do know that when I do I feel the better for it.Hoist the Maypole!!(That stinking idol, as that boring old twat puritan Stubbes called it). And, in the old saying "Hooray Hooray the First of May/ Outdoor fucking starts today"