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Posted By: CapriUni
23-Apr-02 - 11:39 PM
Thread Name: Celebrate Mayday!
Subject: RE: Celebrate Mayday!
When I was in tenth grade, the art teacher decided to revive May Day... and it began in October, a highschool art class built a great big "Dragon of Winter" out of paper mache, for the little kids to climb around on during lunch.

On May Day, the whole school gathered to sing, and the high school students erected a may pole and tried to dance around it (creating wonderful tangles in the process) then the Dragon was marched into the soccer field, and the biology teacher came out of the woods behind the school, in a mask, and dressed as the green man with a quiver and bow and arrows, behind a student in a full head unicorn mask. The gathered students then began to chant "Kill the Dragon!". The teacher shot three flaming arrows into the beast, and with the third try, the dragon burst into flame, and we all cheered. When the bonfire died down, the only thing left was a green tissue paper flower that had adorned tip of the Dragon's tail... Pretty cool.

And May Day has been my favorite holliday ever since... :-)