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Posted By: Banjer
10-Apr-99 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: Banjo Jokes, let the dueling begin....
Subject: RE: Banjo Jokes, let the dueling begin....
Very good Bert, herewith another story that for all we know could be true!

A bluegrass band convicted of International terrorism and condemned to die in a small Third World country is given one last request. The banjo player, without thinking, shouts out, "If I must die for my country, my last request is to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown one last time!" The mandolin player shouts, "Then my last request is that I get shot first!"

How can you make money as a banjo player??
Hang out your PAY or I PLAY sign!

How do you keep a banjo player from drowning in a foot of water?
Take your foot off his head!