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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Apr-02 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cancelled TV Shows, that shouldn't have
Subject: RE: BS: Cancelled TV Shows, that shouldn't have
Well, Star Trek of course...imagine...we could have had over 30 seasons by now of William Shatner in his harvest gold lycra half-ripped-off-in-a-fight T-Shirt!!! (Control yourselves, ladies!) LOL!

No, seriously, they could cancel ALL TV and I wouldn't blink an eye. The world would be better off without it. Ditto for football games and stock car races. Let me add to that list books by Danielle Steele, and the Democratic and Republican parties. Also, the GUEST(s) who think(s) I'm a female, and accuse(s) other GUESTs of being me. Har! Har! Can you see me sticking my tongue out at you, GUEST?

- LH