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Posted By: The Pooka
29-Apr-02 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Subject: RE: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Dead Horse, LOL! *Very* good. ("Crude", indeed. "Oil Away Joe", to be sure!)

OK, here I goes: many and many a year ago there was a television commercial for some oil company (don't remember which), featuring their huge tankers---consisting entirely of film footage of the ships *accompanied by a "seafaring" song*. Not legitimately one, I'm sure; written for the commercial, no doubt; indeed, a capitalistic Sellout, I should think. Though the "artists" were unidentified & not shown, I will *swear* they were The Clancy Bros. & T. Makem. If so, the lads must've run through the Columbia Records cash and been hard up. If *not*, somebody was doing a perfect imitation of their voices. I remember only the undistinguished chorus (a Googlesearch turns up nothing, not surprisingly):

Bringin' home the oil, me boys, bringin' home the oil,
Sailing into Bantry Bay, bringin' home the oil,
Workin' on a giant ship, it's very hard we toil,BR> Sailin' into Bantry Bay, bringin' home the oil.

Can anyone corroborate this? (Does anyone care?:) I'm sure I didn't dream it. I remember being pissed off about it at the time.