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Posted By: GUEST
30-Apr-02 - 10:22 AM
Thread Name: 'Celtic / Bulmer' aborted Part 3
Subject: RE: 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga: Part 3
You likely won't see George H post here unless it is to re-enter the fray about one of his jihad topics. He does the same thing in posts there to pick fights and start flame wars with people he disagrees with. The only place you will regularly find George H is in, where he continues to annoy the majority of posters with his ill-tempered and obnoxious personality.

He was only ever in Mudcat to fight the Jones jihad. He left long ago, last summer, once he had used up everyone's energy and patience in these threads. If you look up his posting history on Usenet, you will see he is something of a net kook and troll, and always at the center of flame wars where he single handedly defends the British folk realm for heathens and disbelievers.