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Posted By: wysiwyg
01-May-02 - 02:08 AM
Thread Name: Tech: RealPlayer Files-- Save as MP3's?
Subject: RE: TECH: RealPlayer Files-- Save as MP3's?
Boy have I been learning a LOT!!!!

Among other things..... DbPowerAmp will not only convert RealPlayer files already saved on your hard drive.... it will go FETCH RealPlayer files if you THOUGHT you saved them but actually you only saved the LINK to them as a "file," and THEN it will convert them! Yeah! It is still in a testing and refinement stage, the codec for RealPlayer, but because I noticed that it saves the files that ARE on my disk, in "realtime," I wondered if it would go get those pesky ones I thought were safely stashed and AREN'T, and play them through to save them in realtime too. So I tried one. And it worked!

Well, they WILL be stashed shortly!

And-- did you know you can change the filename's extension (.ram to .ra or .rm) and it works just fine? That's what you have to do before converting, if they have a .ram extension. Change them first and then batch convert.

Also, Streambox has a 20-file limit on batch conversion-- I have not found dbPowerAmp's batch limit yet, and I am doing a batch of nearly 40 now. OK, it is taking awhile, doing it in realtime as it is. That's OK-- I am supposed to be asleep!

THANKS to all who have been helping me with this. Some of you know who you are! *G*