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Posted By: Gareth
03-May-02 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
Subject: RE: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
Easy Enough - Have a space on the ballot Marked "None of the Above" - If on the count the None... Ballot wins you re run the election 4 weeks later - but none of the previous candidates can stand.

If its a mulity seat ward then those candidates falling below the "None... " ballot are eliminated, and a second round follows for the still vacant seat.

Three candidates to be elected
R Goodway 2000 votes Elected.
None of.... 1800 votes Eliminating level
A Whittall 1700 Votes Elininated
R Davies 1600 votes Eliminated
Next time around only 2 candidates to be elected, as R Goodway was elected ahead of the "none..." Vote.