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Posted By: GUEST,An Pluiméir Ceolmhar
03-May-02 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
Subject: RE: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
I didn't want to get into the multi-seat version because I thought it would be unfamiliar to most Catters.

Under the STV system which I understand Britain bequeathed to many of its ex-colonies and which we still use in Ireland (though the two major parties routinely resist it in Britain because they think it's too complicated...), it would work as follows.

NOTA would be a virtual candidate, to which you could give your first or any other preference. If "elected", NOTA would block a seat which would remain unfilled for the duration of the parliament. This would at least reduce the size and cost of the parliament. It would also reduce the risk of the balance of power being held by a handful of single-issue or crank candidates for whom people often seem to vote in protest at the conduct of the major parties. If eliminated, its next preferences would be distributed normally.