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Posted By: C-flat
03-May-02 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
Subject: RE: BS: The Hartlepool Monkey (Continued)
The Monkey vote in Hartlepool clearly shows the lack of enthusiasm for any of the mainstream candidates although the recent success of the football team in making it to the promotion play-offs didn't do the monkey any harm either! Just 10 miles futher South in Middlesbrough (where I'm posting from) another mayoral election result has just been announced. Yet again the winner is standing as an independant in what has always been regarded as a Labour stronghold. Our new Mayor, Ray Mallon, whilst a more credible candidate than a monkey mascot, has been the subject of a major police enquiry (Lancet) regarding his conduct as a senior police officer. All the political parties have been involved in muck slinging and it would seem to have backfired on them as Mr.Mallon balloted almost three times the number of votes than his nearest rival. I'm not entirely sure if the voting public understand that the new role of Mayor is not the figurehead position that we've been used to (certainly a job FOR a monkey) but that it is modelled on the American version (i.e. a REAL job). Ray Mallon is an imposing character, despite the controversy surrounding him, and I dare say has the ability to get the job done, the monkey, on the other hand, is an embarrasment to the voters who presumably thought it didn't matter one way or the other.Sadly, Hartlepool F.C. were knocked out of the play-offs but H'angus may suprise us all and go on to great things. Based on his "free bananas to schools" campaign I wouldn't bet on it!