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Posted By: Colin The Whistler (inactive)
13-Apr-99 - 01:50 AM
Thread Name: Flute used in Titanic
Subject: RE: Flute used in Titanic
ok's the answer. It's very hard to identify the make of any whistle from a recording. I agree it is an tin whistle, but as to the type..lord knows and I defy anyone to tell you! Go to the Chiff and Fipple Tin whistle site. Not only can you buy and read up on whistles but they have even recently conducted a pole on the things.

I having played for years (semi-professionally) the best one on the market is the 'Susato'.

Hopefully if you hav'nt played before the Titanic may inspire you. Stick one in your gub and go for it brother, it will lead on to many things if you can master it.

If you require any technical advice run up a thread on it and I'll hit you with some details.

Good luck and pop 'till ya drop !!!


Colin The Whistle Blower

Ballygally Ireland.