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Posted By: Martin
13-Apr-99 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Famous When Dead (Richard Thompson)
Subject: RE: Lyr: Richard Thompson Song, Famous When Dead
"Invisible Means" was originally on Wyndham Hill in the US and on Demon in the UK. These are now deleted. However, I have been told that "Invisible Means" has been rereleased as a 2CD set together with the first French Frith Kaiser Thompson CD "Life Love Loaf and Larf" (I'm sure I got a mistake in this). You should be warned that the two FFKT albums were quite experimental and though Thompson's more familiar style comes through on a few tracks, most of the material is very different and not easily digestible. "Invisible Means" has a great rocking version of "Loch Lomond", though. Note that "Now That I Am Dead" is only on the CD version, not the vinyl.