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Posted By: Colin The Whistler (inactive)
13-Apr-99 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Flute used in Titanic
Subject: RE: Flute used in Titanic

I'm tellin ya its not a Low D. And as for Generation Whistles...I'll give you one..over the 'Bap' with it. They are squeeky and take years to brake in and even then ar'nt very responcive to you after you've downed the customery ten pints at a session.

Tip Of The Week. Take your generation whistle or similiar and place it in a mug of hot tea. This melts the mountpiece adhesive. Take about 0.75cm of it with a hack saw...(Belfast people remove with their teeth). File the edge and smooth off. The mouthpiece can now move up and down the shaft allowing tunning..essential to any half decent session player.

Alison..I've finnaly got into the chat room, I must have scared everybody else off..and you must be getting up as I'm crashing out. I'll check this later to see what the crack is. Did you ever here about the early Eighties sessions in Kelly's Cellars and Tom Kelly's and the Rotterdam. Bill Mc Cormack, Brian Sutherland, Myself , Leslie Bingham and Cruncher...Jesus they where the days !

I'm just back from Kilenora Co.Clare playing music for four nights 'till five in the morning. I even played with Tommy Peoples....Heaven..Than I passed out in a drunken state in the corner..Just my luck ..Well touch base soon

Colin Ballygally