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Posted By: Tucker
14-Apr-99 - 06:41 AM
Thread Name: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
Subject: RE: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
Being new to whistle playing and I guess duly corrected in my remarks to the person wanting to know what made the sound in the Titanic track........I have a simple Feadog whistle. So far I haven't had to resort to KY jelly or vaseline. It goes easily in. I clean the brass part with brasso and the plastic part in some very warm bleach water. Kind of reminds me of when I wanted to start playing banjo. We all hear threads on what kind of guitar to buy, but having found my true love there in 1963, I haven't bought much in the way of moreinstruments ( I am keeping my eye out for a D-45 however). Anyway, I went to a music store outside town and saw two beutiful banjos. One said $700 and the other $5200. Both had resonators and what seemed to be the same amount of head clamps. I asked the clerk the difference. He said "pick them up". Sure enough the $700 model was a lot lighter than the $5200 model. I said "So". He said " Now, play something" I fingered a ditty on both and sure enough that heavy old $5200 was much better. Long winded here and not sure of my point except to say we all start somewhere. When I see Tommy Makem play the tin whistle I see a person take a simple ancient cheap instrument and turn it into a baby grand as far as I am concerned. And there are many others out there just as capable with it. Tommy, do you use KY on your's..................