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Posted By: wysiwyg
10-May-02 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Permathread: Mudcat Gatherings
Subject: RE: Permathread: Mudcat Gatherings
I wish you had asked me first. If people use my contact infomation, for instance, as you have it above, the mail will not pass my spam filters (and will not get through unless they put MUDCAT GATHERING into the subject line of an e-mail). I also change information from Gathering to Gathering, and I would prefer to let each thread speak for itself rather than have to worry about updating a permathread.

These are so unique to the host and the location that I am not sure they can be much help in a permathread....

What I WOULD find useful in a permathread on them would be, "So, you want to host (or attend) a Gathering.... here are some tips and what to expect...."

I know I sound crabby and unappreciative, and I am not, just in a kinda rush to go do some stuff with Hardi today, and wanted to get my thoughts down before the thread runs away with us....