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Posted By: Vixen
14-Apr-99 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
Subject: RE: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
I've just been rummaging around in the other pw threads here, and visiting pw websites (I'm SPOZED to be correcting papers) but I haven't seen anything described like an instrument I've got that plays like a pw.

It's made of clay, or some other ceramic type of material, glazed in raku style on the portions that are untouched by fingers, and consists of a fipple with two pipes. One has no holes to finger and simply sounds the root note or its octave depending on how hard I blow. The other pipe has 6 finger holes and plays like a pw. I haven't determined it's key, but it seems in tune with itself and has an incredible hauntingly "cold" quality. I bought it at a craft fair from a potter who, for cheapie-type goods made ceramic ocarinas which also sound pretty good...I bought a little one of those. Anybody seen one of these two-pipe-fipple-flutes/know what to call it?

Also, sort of like a banjo player, I tend to drool when playing my pw...I don't have this problem with any of my recorders. Does anybody else have this problem, and is willing to admit it??? What do you do about it??? I'm thinking I need to wear a bib...