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Posted By: Gareth
12-May-02 - 07:00 PM
Thread Name: Favorite Town names
Subject: RE: Favorite Town names
Talk about coincidence Gray D (post 08.08.)

There I was in a basic working class pub (but good resturant) in the blaenau twixt Rhymney and Tredegar this lunchtime.

In comes a 'Yuppie type', obviously well lost, trying to find his way back to the main road, and asked for directions to Cardiff.

"Well where in Kair-diff is you heading for?"


"WHERE ?" says the bar in chorus

"Splow, near Cardiff Bay"

"Oh! You mean Splott "

"We don't call it Splott - its Splow"

Instinct cut in, collectivelly directions were given. If the "Plastic E Type Englishman" followed them correctly he shoud be lost, somwhere near Fishgard.

Dew - The Yuppification of Splott, well words fail me !

Gareth ( And if ljc can post in dialect then I can

Glossary - Kair-diff = South Wales pronounciation of Cardiff. Dew = God. blaenau = hills and high ground, the back of beyond. Plastic E Type Englishman = see Max Boyce's tale of "Our Little Valley", or use yer iomagination. Fishgard = about as far west as you can get in Wales, before you start drinking Guiness !