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Posted By: Haruo
13-May-02 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: Favorite Town names
Subject: RE: Favorite Town names
How about counties? In Washington we have Wahkiakum and Skamania (a mental disorder?), and of course Walla Walla. And à propos of "Keokuk and Kankakee" we have the various places named in Carlton Fitchett's Ode to Puget Sound (memo to self: gotta change that title tag); approximate pronunciations are
Tulalip - tuh LAY lip
Puyallup - pyoo AL up (but properly poo YAL up)
Sequim - squim
Pysht - pisht
Dosewallips - DOH see WALL ups
Brinnon - brinnen
Bogachiel - BOH guh cheel
Lummi - lummy to rhyme with tummy
La Push - as written
Sol Duc - soul duck
Duckabush - as written
Samish - as if it had two m's
Sammamish - suh MA'AM ish
Suquamish - soo QUAW mish
Quilcene - quill SEEN
Skykomish - accent on the o
Queets, Hoh - as written
Nisqually - i as in nit + squally
Chimacum - CHIM uh come
Steilacoom - STILL uh coom (with oo as in book, or come)
      warning - State Mental Hospital
Stillaguamish - self-explanatory
Skookumchuck - as written; Chinook Jargon for Strongwater
Moclips - to rhyme with toe clips
Copalis - kuh PAY liss