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Posted By: Haruo
16-May-02 - 02:47 AM
Thread Name: Favorite Town names
Subject: RE: Favorite Town names
I didn't forget Duwamish, Genie, but there are two strikes against it: (1) it's not a town [river, Indian tribe—Federal nonrecognition notwithstanding, but not town] although its variant "Duwamps" was briefly considered for the town now known as Seattle, way back when, and (2) Carlton Fitchett didn't put it in his song (which I referenced also in an effort to musicalize the thread).
(For those not familiar with the area, the Duwamish River flows into Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, Pacific Ocean, at Seattle; the Duwamish are one of two Indian villages [Suquamish being the other] of whom Chief Seattle was a leader, and the Duwamish people have never been recognized as an Indian tribe by the federal government [until the latter days of the Clinton administration, but the Bushies immediately rescinded it] because the feds think they are the same as the Suquamish. Or maybe they don't think so, maybe they just think it's cheaper that way.)