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Posted By: Peter T.
15-Apr-99 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: As ........... as a Mudcatter
Subject: RE: As ........... as a Mudcatter
Just getting started, Gillyflower, old sort:

As pied as a Mudcat

As many lives as a Mudcat

As mouserly as a Mudcat

As mudluscious as a mudcat (apologies to eec)

As postmudern as a Mudcat

Müde (with an umlaut for wolfgang) wie ein Mudcat.

As transcendentally muditative as a Mudcat

As threadbare as a Mudcat

Next quiz: What is the longest word you can make out of letters in "MUDCAT" used only once? I can find more than one of 5 letters; anyone got all 6?

Yours, Peter T.