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Posted By: Little Hawk
16-May-02 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: He Lived Alone in Town (B Sainte-Marie)
Subject: Lyr Add: HE LIVED ALONE IN TOWN (B Sainte-Marie)
Yes, the song was written by Buffy, back in the early 60's, and was biographical. She was in love with a young man who was likewise in love with her, but they couldn't quite get it sorted out...and missed the boat, so to speak. She said in her songbook that she sang it kind of "funny" like it was about someone else, and put it in the 3rd as to make it seem that way, cos she was still feeling a lot of pain over it. I think it is one of her most powerful love songs, and a true classic.

He lived alone in town
His friends were many and true
He drank and took the easy love
Of street girls that he knew

Then he met a girl one day
Said "come home with me tonight"
"Oh no!" she cried "I never will."
And she left him there alone

And the days went by, and days
Went by and they did long
For each other every hour
But still she'd not be bound

"In the places of young men
I never will be found
But think you not that I don't love
For my heart is ripe and full"

"How cold you are!" he said
"I guess you must not care
For me, but tell me, where it is you'd go
For I'd take you anywhere"

"Then come to a forest green
Where I may love you free
Beyond the confines of your walls
And beyond the sweetest words"

"And beyond the mountains high
Beyond the fields of shame
And beyond the prettiest wedding ring
For I'd never take your name"

"And wander with me now
Or wander off alone
But know I love you, tearful one
Much more than I can show"

He could not understand
He thought she could not care
"Oh, take me far away," she cried
But he could not hear her prayer

And he wandered off alone
To never know her dream
And she still dwells within the forest
Longing for his love

"So, wander with me now
Or wander off alone
But know I love you, tearful one
Much more than I can show"

To merely read the lyrics does not begin to express the power and poignancy with which she sang it...or the effectiveness of the melody and chording. It drips with the keen sense of loss and regret, and it is the song of a young and very idealistic heart.

Buffy is playing tonight in the Orillia area, BTW.

- LH