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Posted By: Little Hawk
16-May-02 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Buffy Sainte-Marie in concert tonight
Subject: RE: Buffy Sainte-Marie in concert tonight
It's 10:36 and I am back. Buffy did her usual excellent performance, with a lot of the well known songs, such as:

Piney Wood Hills, It's My Way, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Cripple Creek (with the mouthbow), Until It's Time For You To Go, Indian Cowboy in the Rodeo, Up Where We Belong, Universal Soldier...etc...and plenty of anecdotes between numbers. She did a new song too, not recorded yet.

She has a very attentive audience, inclined to stay quiet after the applause, and see what comes next. Remember what folk audiences used to be like?

There was a lot of political comment tonight, echoed in songs like "Priests of the Golden Bull". Same sort of anti-corporate stuff I'm always going on about...

The concert price was a mere $15 Canadian! That's about $9.75 American. Boy, it felt like going to a show back in the late 70's again...

As is typical of Buffy, she came out a while after the concert ended to talk to the faithful and persistent few who were still hanging and 15 other people. She is very friendly and warm-hearted to everyone. Lots of the local Native people were there, from various reserves near here.

She sang "Little Wheel Spin and Spin" tonight...first time I've ever heard it live. The last number in the concert set was "Starwalker", which is the greatest medicine song of all time.

I always wonder now with these occasions if there'll be another this life. You do wonder about that sort of thing as time goes by. I never gave it a second thought in my twenties.

- LH