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Posted By: Escamillo
17-May-02 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: Help: Problem with head voice
Subject: RE: Help: Problem with head voice
Chagall, I'm a little confused about which octaves are you referring to. If middle C is the third space in the staff and you reach an A in the second octave above middle C in the soprano range (fifth space above the staff), you are a super high soprano. In fact, the most demanding opera arias for soprano don't go beyond C in the second additional line above the staff.

If you refer to the tenor range (mine) which is one octave lower than soprano, your break is situated slightly above my range (mine is approx. F#-Ab) and this indicates to me that you are singing in a male range, which is most undesirable and the most common mistake, unless you have a very exceptional voice. May be that's why conductors prefer your high voice, it must have a more natural sound.

It is normal that very high notes can be reached only in forte or mezzoforte. After all, authors use them only as a final stroke that ends a song or aria. But they must never be shouted openly and never produce a strain (unless it is heavy rock), and this is another trick that a voice teacher will reveal to us.

If this subject of voices is fascinating, more fascinating are the amazing things that a good teacher can obtain from our voices once we take it seriously and dedicate the time it deserves.

Un abrazo - Andrés