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Posted By: Roger the zimmer
16-Apr-99 - 05:47 AM
Thread Name: Wild mountain thyme
Subject: Wild mountain thyme
The Celts are always ganging up on us anglos, so at the risk of starting something that may have been discussed here before I started lurking (if so just let it die a natural death) I thought it might be nice to get the Scots and Irish (& their decendants) at each other's throats! Is "Wild Mountain Thyme" a Scots or Irish song? I learnt it from a Scot I've known for 30 years and assumed it was Scottish and have seen it attributed "trad Scottish" in some songbooks but I know some Irish who claim it as their own (and I've seen it attributed to the McPeakes). Give the banjo players a respite and let a new battle commence! PS Why are exiled Welsh less prominent in folk circles than Scots and Irish, when they're never reticent at singing (in Michael Flanders' words :"much too loud, much too often and flat")? Having now insulted most of my friends I'll go and hide!