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Posted By: hesperis
18-May-02 - 02:21 AM
Thread Name: Help: Problem with head voice
Subject: RE: Help: Problem with head voice
Andrés, middle C is the one below the staff. My easy range is the G below that to the C above it, the C on the staff. I can sing a couple of full tones above and below that somewhat easily. The alto range is classified as singing two octaves - G below middle C to the G just above the staff. I can do F to F of two octaves if I'm in good voice and it's not allergy season.

Basically, if I go into the head voice much at all my voice begins to crack and die. I can pull the head voice down a tone or two to the G above middle C (the G on the staff), and that works fine.

The conductors liked my high voice because it was "pure" and not "chesty", and because they had heard me as a child with a natural soprano. It sounds screechy to me. However they were both pretty obsessed with high voices and "pure" notes. (One even sang as a tenor or countertenor all the time even though he knew he was a natural baritone, which I didn't find out for a couple of years. The other wanted to be a countertenor but didn't have a good falsetto and was stuck singing his natural baritone.) Everyone else loves the "richness" of my easy range, but I never went to a voice teacher.

When I was thirteen/fourteen my range really changed, I forgot how to sing many songs because I simply could not sing them where I was used to putting the notes. I transferred some laboriously by singing high, which hurt my throat, and then immediately translating to the lower range. It didn't change like a man's with cracking and going all over the place, it simply hurt to sing one day, and I found out within a couple of weeks that I could sing much lower than I was used to. Then it took a couple of years to settle where exactly the range was, it still varies sometimes depending on what I eat, but now it's only over a semitone or tone rather than a couple of notes. I can't even scream high anymore.

A couple of years after that, before I lost the love of singing, I was singing a deep alto part in one song. It was the end of the concert, we'd combined youth choirs and it was about 40-60 people. The other choir's conductor asked for more volume because it was the finale. We added more volume. He asked for more volume again. I added more, some people couldn't add more. That kept going for a while, he was really trying to get a major dramatic crescendo out of us... eventually, I was the only one who could add more volume, and the conductor winked at me and asked for more, so I gave it. I sang FFFF on the G below middle C, it was an incredible experience, sound just pouring out like a liquid stream, and SO EASY!

I hope someday to get back to that easiness in singing, and to recover those high A's. It'll take a bit because my lungs aren't that great anymore, and I was told to be quieter so often that it is hard for me to relax and open up the voice now. But I will... I just need to live in a place where people don't get upset at "noise". *g*