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Posted By: Escamillo
18-May-02 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Help: Problem with head voice
Subject: RE: Help: Problem with head voice
Now I see, Hesperis. For me (used to the tenor choral notation) middle C was in the staff, but never mind, let's assume that you are referring to the soprano staff where your maximum range is low F in the third line below, to high F in the staff. It's somewhat lower than an alto but beyond the tenor high limits indeed. I imagine a warm deep voice which, if able to reach high volumes, would be invaluable in choirs and as soloist, that's why people admire the "richness" of it.

It is possible that your voice is exceptional, but the fact that your conductors preferred your high range, tells me that there is a better and more natural quality up in the scale. However, folk, blues and pop do not necessarily claim for classically classified voices, but for classically trained voices. Once they have been developed in full, free from bad habits and enriched at the maximum, then those voices can be used in any tessiture that doesn't harm. For an example, Barbara Streissand has an extension of only one octave and a half, she does never compromise her voice beyond that, but she's a wonderful singer in my opinion. Moreover, pop music can be transposed two tones or more and nobody will sue you for doing it.

But beware of the habits ! Singing too low may damage your cords as well as singing too high or too openly.

Again, we enjoy these conversations very much, but the word is that of the teachers. Do that best investment for your voice, go to a classical teacher and don't worry about becoming an opera singer. (Or will we see you in the role of the gypsy in Il Trovatore and people start to talk about a new Marilyn Horne ??)

Un abrazo - Andrés (Amy, Alice: some comments ?)

IanB, you may find lots of information in "threads on the singing voice" but if you prefer to post your comments right here, we will try to answer.