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Posted By: Emma B
19-May-02 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: It's Not Yet Day
Subject: ADD Version: It's Not Yet Day
I sing a slightly different translation from Kevin

A restless sleep was mine last night
with din and craic not of me choosin'
Me daughter up til morning light
Berating them that sat there boosing.

Ta 'n-a la etc....

Come landlord join us in the snug
All useless thoughts of slumber scorning
There's not a drop in jar or jug
That we can't sup before the morning.

I'll stay in bed the landlord said
But if I don't you'll be out the quicker
You've had your share of swipes and swills
You'll not touch any of my good liquor.

The shebeen has me socks and shoes
The tavern has me coat and britches
I've no young woman's love to lose
Me cows break loose among the ditches.

While I can spend I can treat a friend
So's here me guinea on the table
Set the barrel on its end
Let us drink while we're still able.

It is the day It's not the day
It is the day the night is over
It's not the day whatere you say
The moon shines bright to light the rover.

I can send you a 'literal' translation from the Irish if you would like