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Posted By: A Wandering Minstrel
20-May-02 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Ballad of the Maytime (A Christie)
Subject: Lyr Add: BALLAD OF THE MAYTIME (Agatha Christie)
OK! you forced me into it :)

The king he went a walking on a a merry morn in May
he laid him down to rest a while and fell asleep they say
And when he woke twas evening (the hour of magic mood)
When Bluebell, wild Bluebell dances in the wood

The King he gave a banquet for all the flowers(save one)
And hungrily he watched them with eyes for one alone
The rose was there in velvet, the lilly in green hood
But Bluebell, wild bluebell was dancing in the wood

The King he rose in anger with his hand upon his sword
He sent his men to find her and bring her to their lord
They bound her up in silken cords, before the throne she stood
Bluebell, wild Bluebell who dances in the wood

The King he rose to greet the maid that he had sworn to wed
the king took off his golden crown and placed it on her head
But then stood back in horror at the courtiers waxen stare
At Bluebell wild Blubell so pale and ghostly there

Oh King your crown is heavy twould fill my heart with care
The palace walls would bind me in who lives as free as air
The sun he is my lover, the wind my lover too
And Bluebell, wild Bluebell will ne'er be queen to you.

The king he mourned a twelvemonth but none could ease his pain
the king he went a walking along a lovers lane
Then he laid down his golden crown, into the woods went he
where Bluebell, wild Bluebell dances ever wild and free.