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Posted By: GUEST,Dita (at work)
25-May-02 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: will there be no _____ in heaven (songs)
Travellers in Heaven

Today as I sit by the roadside
Watching the trailers go by
I think what will become of the travellers
Whenever their time comes to die
There's a master above us in heaven
In a place we might call our home
Will we have a room in his mansion
Or shall we continue to roam

Will there be any travellers in heaven
Any places where we can stay
Or will their still be councils and policemen
To pull our old trailers away
Will the scaldie sit with the traveller
Will there always be money to spare
Will there be respect for the travellers
In the land that is hidden up there

Will there be any travellers in heaven
Any pubs where we might get a beer
Or will there still be the same old landlords
Saying sorry no tinkers served here
Will the traveller always be travelling
Will we always be travelling around
I'm so tired of travelling this country
I'd rather be under the ground

Will there be any travellers in heaven?