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Posted By: GUEST,Bill Kennedy
30-May-02 - 09:00 AM
Thread Name: Dirty Linen's Guthrie Family article
Subject: RE: Dirty Linen's Guthrie Family article
as I said, it is just my opinion! Ian may have more authority to make pronouncements of fact, but to me, the melodies ARE ridiculous in the context of Woody's body of work. They are totally and completely un-Woody, and for a Woody Guthrie song, that, to me, is ridiculous. To me. I mean that's my opinion. You can have your own opinion, and maybe you will disagree, but that is my opinion. Which in this context I offered. It is not a bit of information or factual background about a song, just my opinion. But in the context of the Dirty Linen article, it seem appropriate to offer my opinion, on something Nora has done with Woody's matierial that I feel I have no right to have an opinion about, I do however have a right to an opinion of the finished project, and my opinion is it is pretty worthless.

Taking music and tunes and re-interpreting them in different styles MAY be part of the Folk process, but it is also sometimes Muzak, the Hollyridge Stings, Tiajuana Brass, and the like, I would say un-Folk, even if it's a Muzak version of Barbara Allen, or the Hollyridge Strings do the conmplete Child Ballads. My question still stands, does anyone, including Ian, think any of these Billy Bragg versions will be taken up and sung by anyone else? I don't think so, and THAT, TO ME, is the Folk process.