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30-May-02 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: Dirty Linen's Guthrie Family article
Subject: RE: Dirty Linen's Guthrie Family article
Ron, I didn't say Arlo doesn't perform anything of Woody's. Please read more carefully next time. I've seen Arlo a number of times, and I'm aware of the covers he does of Woody's.

The point I made was that he hasn't caved to the temptation of doing an entire album of covers the way Natalie Cole did, for instance. It was that sort of thing I meant. Of course, as soon as you say something like that, then somebody like Arlo could come along and do an album of covers that is absolutely divine.

What I was referring to was that it seems that Nora does most the archive sort of work, and I love her for doing it. I love that the family has continued to try and get stuff out to people like me, who have an insatiable interest in the musical and artistic doings of my favorite American musical family. I don't doubt for an instant that the Mermaid Ave project was done with a tremendous amount of love and care. But musically, it really did leave me cold. But that's just my opinion.