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Posted By: SINSULL
01-Jun-02 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Just Behind the Times (Charles K Harris)
Subject: 'Behind The Time'
This request is from my Dad. Here are the lyrics as he remembers them.. Does anyone have the tune or can you recommend a recording? Thanks.

A group of village people gathered
In their little church,
a meeting of importance to hold.
It was about their aged minister,
Although they loved him so,
He must resign for he was growing old.
They sent this message to him,
And he read it thru and thru,
while tears fell on the cruel lines,
For it had stated in that message
That his sermons were too dry,
It also said you are behind the times.......
Next Sunday morn the church was crowded,
For it was rumored round the town,
Another man had come his flock to teach
He spoke of love and politics,
He spoke of fashion too
Of things he had seen in foreign climes
At last the sermon ended
And the old man slowly rose,
Just a few words to you ere you go
Then slowly down the aisle he wandered
To his pulpit as of old
With trembling lips, and face as white as snow.
He said, "I buried all your loved ones,
I wept beside their graves,
I shared your joys and sorrows many times."
And then he gave a start,
His poor old heart had broken from it's pain.
His last words were "I am behind the time."