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01-Jun-02 - 07:26 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Daniel O'Connell and His Steam Engine
Subject: Lyr Add: Babies By Steam no 2

I crossed over the mor and I met an old woman
She sat in a gap and her milking her cow
The song that she sung was the Buachaillín Donn
Or some other ditty that I won't tell you now.

I wasn't too long discoursing this woman
When up steps a tinker, stout, jolly and gay
He sat down to rest as the weather was warm
"What news, decent man?" this auld woman did say.

'No news at all,' replied the bold tinker.
'But news and I wish that it never had been
Concerning a man they call Daniel O'Connell
Who's now getting children in Dublin by steam.'

'M'anam an diabhail,'[my soul to the devil] replied this old woman.
'Or can it be true is he crazy at last,
Or is it a sign of war or rebellion
Or what is the reason they are coming so fast?'

'It's neither a sign of war or rebellion
But the children of Ireland was getting so small
He's going to petition the Lord Mayor of Dublin
To stop them from getting them the old way at all.'

'By the pipe in my jaw,' replied the old woman.
'But he is a rogue, and I am very sure
He's always contriving, both plotting and scheming
And leaving out plans for to plunder the poor.

'I am an old hag over four score and ten
Damn the tooth in my head, sure its plain to be seen,
I'd wager you a guinea if a rogue would provoke me
I'd get better childer than him and his steam.'

'Well here's to your courage,' replied the old tinker,
'and long may you reign with the youth at your side
If more of the old damsels in Ireland was like you
O'Connell might throw his steam engine aside.'

The girls of Ireland was getting so saucy
If you'd venture to catch them they scratch out your eye
But now they may go and sit down in the corner
And no one to pray for their souls when they die.

song reference # Ca 1 included in Ríonach Uí Ógáin. "An Rí Gan Choróin" Dublin: An Clóchomhar Tta., 1984.